Curiosity Enlivened the Cat

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.
-Greek Proverb

Somewhere along the way curiosity got a bad rap.  I don’t know if it is due to the cat or not but what I do know is curiosity allows for extraordinary results to emerge.

In our culture knowing, i.e. having the answer, is considered the right way to live.  Everyone is looking for THE answer.  Experts abound ready to share their answer.  The pervasive belief is not knowing is bad, knowing is good.  

It’s not that this perspective in and of itself is bad or wrong it’s just that it has become the predominant perspective.  It’s like a weed choking off the other perspectives leaving you with one choice, which isn’t a choice at all.  It’s also not that knowledge is bad, it’s that when we settle on answers, we stop looking for new possibilities in life. In areas where we believe we already know the answers, we stop learning and wondering.

Curiosity is a beautiful thing.  When you allow yourself to “not know,” to wonder, there is freedom to explore. Curiosity is not about finding “the answer,” it’s about engaging in a question and seeing what emerges. Wonder, inquiry and discovery open you up to life, to new possibilities and to new experiences. 

One place to begin is to get curious about yourself.  What if your most firmly held assumptions about yourself were not true?  Begin to question your thoughts and beliefs, ask where did they come from? Do they serve you?  Imagine if the concerns and problems of your life were all magically resolved to your satisfaction.  What would your life be about?  Literally, what would you be doing?  What activities would you be engaged in?  Get curious about the masterpiece that you are, and the depth and magnificence of who you have become.
Dwell in these questions purely for the sake of dwelling.  See what emerges.  Then, wonder some more.

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