Raving Fans

Listening to “The Keys to Getting What You Want: Four Little Known Communication Secrets”, by Lisa Giruzzi & Sandy Fowler, has allowed me to apply simple yet brilliant concepts to all situations in my life which has really unlocked the potential for what is possible when communicating with others. I am now aware of how responsible I can be to ensure the results that I want to create in all conversations, both personally and professionally. Lisa & Sandy turned my car drives into exciting explorations of the possibilities that exist while being with others. I’ve listened to these keys several times and each time I’m able to pull something new from the listening. I’m thrilled to have these recorded conversations by such experts in the field of communication.

~Robbie MacCue, PRM Technologies

“The Keys to Getting What You Want: Four Little Known Communication Secrets” has really made me more aware of how I “frame” things in my mind. I realized how much negative thinking was habitual and I’m making a concerted effort to think about the good, the best and the positive, even in the face of what looks like “negative” things. After listening to this audio program I now understand how much my conclusions about how things are has held me back. Thanks to this program I now know a simple strategy to “Get Clear” so I can get the results I really want. This program is fantastic and I am recommending it to all my friends and clients so they can use these powerful keys.

~Jan Toles, Author, Speaker, Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC)

“Sandy Fowler and Lisa Giruzzi have created a wonderful audio program on one of the most important and fundamental things in life: communication. The program talks about four keys to effective communication and offers great advice and thought provoking discussions on how to improve all areas of our lives with these principals. Both of these women are heartfelt and thoughtful in their approach and if followed this program can change lives.”

~Michele DeVille life coach, speaker, and author of The Path to Forgiveness

Are you ready to swing open the doors to your personal success? Then you must get the “The 4 Keys to Getting What You Want.” It’s a brilliant look at how thoughts shape our conversations and drive our success or failure. As an Empowerment Speaker myself, I was shocked to discover self-sabotaging habits tucked away in my subconscious that can fuel negative self- talk and damage relationships. Lisa Giruzzi’s “Four Keys” unlocks this mental maze and offers some surprisingly simple strategies for course-correction. If you want your conversations to get the results you want so you can live the life you deserve, get the right keys!

~Sharon Frame, Former CNN Anchor/ Media Coach/ Empowerment Speaker

“This program is a double wow! Not only do Sandy and Lisa explain four communication keys in a clear and entertaining way, their takeaways are ones each of us can easily implement into our lives. This program has already given me insight into my communication with my family, and I know it will help me professionally as well. Quite simply – listen today. You’ll be glad you did!”

~ Shelly Rachanow   author, If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Doneand What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World?

“I’ve listened to the entire “Keys” program. As a trainer, I can’t wait to use this information in my next course. Not only did I learn four simple secrets of effective communication, Lisa clearly demonstrated how to use them in everyday situations. These concepts apply as easily to my family interactions as they do to my job. The program includes bonus “nuggets of gold,” too. My favorite is the 50/50 myth of communication. That segment alone was worth the cost of the program.”

– Jeff Marko, Career Readiness Instructor

Communicating with people is the key to getting what you want out of life, but it’s often a struggle to do it effectively. Lisa and Sandy approach this subject in such a fun, conversational and unique way that not only did I learn new skills but I was able to put them into practice immediately. Thank you ladies for presenting information in a way that I could relate to, and showing me how to use it in both my personal and professional life! Definitely will be recommending it to others!

~ Judy Davis (aka Mom, Military Spouse and Entrepreneur)