Discover a REAL and Proven Method for GETTING WHAT YOU WANT...Guaranteed.


If you are even remotely interested in having more in your life:

  • More satisfaction
  • Immense joy
  • Greater success
  • More Happiness
  • And reaching your goals

Then you are in the right place.

If you ever feel like:

  • You are always saying the wrong thing
  • You are being ignored
  • You are beating your head against a brick wall
  • You have to do everything yourself
  • You are going to drown because of the number of things on your to-do list
  • You’re disconnected from the people in your life


While many people experience this, most spend their life waiting for the day when things will get better. They wait for others to change. They wait for opportunities to fall in their lap. They wait for people to suddenly start listening to them. They spend their lives wanting different circumstances; hoping everything will turn out ... someday.

Meanwhile life is passing them by

But the fact is, with the right knowledge, YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE NOW!

Usually when people think about how to get what they want the things that come to mind are: getting more organized, being more disciplined or increasing focus. These are the skills touted as necessary for success. These are the things focused on in the media and training courses. But the truth is that one skill set trumps them all…effective communication.

Communication is at the core of everything we do; from the thoughts we have about our situation to the way we express ourselves to the things we hear, communication is shaping every moment of our day.

  • When you tell yourself a story about the guy who cut you off in traffic… that’s communication.
  • When you have negative thoughts about yourself, when you think you are not “enough”… that’s communication.
  • When you smile at your spouse…that’s communication.
  • When someone doesn’t do the things you expect them to… that’s communication.
  • When you think about your goals and your dreams… that’s communication.

These are all communications that influence the quality of your day and shape the direction of your life.

This means that, in reality, the key to producing any result in any situation is effective communication.

So if you’re looking for more in your life, if you want to experience more satisfaction, immense joy, greater success, the key is better communication

When you master communication you will:

  • Feel powerful and confident in every situation
  • Have peace of mind knowing you have control over your life
  • Feel accomplished and satisfied when your communication nets you the results you are looking for
  • Experience happiness, joy, love, hopefulness, and connection when what you say and what they hear are the same thing
  • Confidently say and do things that get you the love you want
  • Get energized because you are working on something that really matters to you and building something for yourself
  • Have the comfor of KNOWING what affects your life and what you can do about it

Although communication is a complex topic there are four key concepts that, once understood, will greatly improve every area of your life.

These four key concepts are introduced, explored and discussed in The Keys to Getting What You Want: 4 Little Known Communication Secrets

Lisa Giruzzi, a leading authority on communication, and Sandy Fowler, an expert on de-stressing your life, have combined their expertise to create this program which walks you through the world of communication and teaches you how to do it effectively. The ability to communicate effectively will get you what you want in every area of your life.

When you master the art of communication suddenly:

  • People do what you ask them to do
  • You replace confrontations with conversations
  • You find excitement where there used to be dread
  • You have more time and energy because you are focusing on the things you really want
  • Obstacles turn into opportunities
  • You live more of your dreams
  • Your relationships are more fulfilling
  • Life just becomes easier

The Keys to Getting What You Want: 4 Little Known Communication Secrets, at any level, reveals the communication concepts that are essential to communication mastery. You will discover four simple, clear concepts that can be used individually or in conjunction with each other to positively shape your life.

Discover what communication really is, how it affects everything, and the
Four Keys essential to getting it right.

Choose the level that’s right for you!

The Entry Key


The Master Key


The Premium Key

The Entry Key

The Entry Key is a one-hour audio presentation that kick starts you on the path of discovery. This Key includes:

  • A full 60 minute audio where Sandy Fowler interviews Lisa Giruzzi, a leading communication authority, about these four essential concepts
  • This is perfect if you are curious and want to know more. It’s designed for the person who may not be ready to dive in headfirst but wants to stick their toe in and test the water.

    Choose the Entry Key

    The Master Key

    The Master Key is a full-length audio program which provides you with the foundation necessary to master communication. This Key includes:

  • The one-hour Entry Key Program described above
  • PLUS:

  • A recording of Sandy and Lisa’s in-depth discussion on what communication is and why it’s crucial to getting what you want.
  • One full-length audio interview for each of the 4 Keys essential to communication mastery:
    • Key 1: Getting Clear
    • Key 2: Influencing Without Arm-Twisting
    • Key 3: Speaking to Create
    • Key 4: Getting on the Same Page
  • Bonus Audio: The 50-50 Myth
  • Bonus Audio: The Art of Asking
  • The Master Key is perfect if you are ready to get going. You can get the facts and just dive right in!

    Choose the Master Key

    The Premium Key

    The Premium Key is an enhanced experience. In addition to receiving all the components of the Entry Key and the Master Key programs, you will be given additional tools to help you integrate these ideas into your everyday life. This key includes:

  • The one-hour Entry Key Program described above
  • All of the components of the Master Key Program
    • A recording of Sandy and Lisa’s in-depth discussion on what communication is and why it’s crucial to getting what you want.
    • One full-length audio interview for each of the 4 Keys essential to communication mastery:
      • Key 1: Getting Clear
      • Key 2: Influencing Without Arm-Twisting
      • Key 3: Speaking to Create
      • Key 4: Getting on the Same Page
    • Bonus Audio: The 50-50 Myth
    • Bonus Audio: The Art of Asking


  • The Secret to Getting What You Want Integration Guide - The integration guide is a navigation tool. The guide contains a step-by-step process, which walks you through the complex world of communication and down the road to mastery. Through the hands-on exercises provided in the guide you will discover, explore, and master the four essential concepts.
  • Integration Scenarios - Audio recordings of Sandy and Lisa discussing various scenarios and how the Four Keys can be used to transform any situation
  • PLUS

    • Not only will you receive instant access to the entire Premium Key Program via download, you will also receive a complete CD set and Integration Guide mailed directly to you

    The Premium Key is perfect for you if you are serious about changing your life now! It takes you beyond the concepts and walks you through implementing them into your life.

    Choose the Premium Key

    Here is a small sample of the things you will learn through the Keys To Getting What You Want: Four Little Known Communication Secrets:

    Discover the Four Key things you MUST do to get results.

    Uncover the strategies for being TOTALLY IN CONTROL of your conversations.

    Learn the secrets to INFLUENCING OTHERS.

    Learn exactly what it takes to FEEL GREAT AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

    Learn the single most effective way to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!!

    And much, much, more!


    I highly recommend this program!!
    Are you ready to swing open the doors to your personal success? Then you must get the “The 4 Keys to Getting What You Want.” It’s a brilliant look at how thoughts shape our conversations and drive our success or failure. As an Empowerment Speaker myself, I was shocked to discover self-sabotaging habits tucked away in my subconscious that can fuel negative self- talk and damage relationships. Lisa Giruzzi’s “Four Keys” unlocks this mental maze and offers some surprisingly simple strategies for course-correction. If you want your conversations to get the results you want so you can live the life you deserve, get the right keys!
    ~Sharon Frame, Former CNN Anchor/ Media Coach/ Empowerment Speaker


    FREE Bonus The 50/50 Myth

    Bonus Audio #1

    Discover the single most important thought that is robbing you of the chance to produce results.


    Definitely will be recommending this to others!
    Communicating with people is the key to getting what you want out of life, but it's often a struggle to do it effectively. Lisa and Sandy approach this subject in such a fun, conversational and unique way that not only did I learn new skills but I was able to put them into practice immediately. Thank you ladies for presenting information in a way that I could relate to, and showing me how to use it in both my personal and professional life! Definitely will be recommending it to others! ~ Judy Davis (aka Mom, Military Spouse and Entrepreneur)


    FREE Bonus The Art of Asking

    Bonus Audio #2

    Oftentimes we feel we are going it alone or we have to do everything in order for it to get done, much less done right. This audio takes the struggle out of asking so you can get what you want and what you need.


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    This Program is a Double Wow!
    This program is a double wow! Not only do Sandy and Lisa explain four communication keys in a clear and entertaining way, their takeaways are ones each of us can easily implement into our lives. This program has already given me insight into my communication with my family, and I know it will help me professionally as well. Quite simply - listen today. You'll be glad you did!

    ~ Shelly Rachanow author, If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done and What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World?


    Nuggets of Gold!
    I've listened to the entire "Keys" program. As a trainer, I can't wait to use this information in my next course. Not only did I learn four simple secrets of effective communication, Lisa clearly demonstrated how to use them in everyday situations. These concepts apply as easily to my family interactions as they do to my job. The program includes bonus "nuggets of gold," too. My favorite is the 50/50 myth of communication. That segment alone was worth the cost of the program. ~ Jeff Marko, Career Readiness Instructor



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