Five Ways Effective Communication Will Get You What You Want

Usually when people think about how to get what they want, effective communication is not the first thing that comes to mind. What comes to mind are things like: getting more organized, being moredisciplinedor increasing your focus. These are the skills touted as necessary for success. These are the things focused on in the media and training courses. But the truth is that one skill set trumps them all…effective communication.
Communication is at the core of everything we do; from the thoughts we have about our situation to the way we express ourselves to the things we hear, communication is shaping every moment of our day. This means that, in reality, the key to producing any result in any situation is effective communication.

So if you’re looking for more in your life, if you want to experience more satisfaction, immense joy, greater success, the first step is to understand how great communication can catapult you there. Here’s whyeffective communication works miracles:

  1. Keeps You Moving Forward:A confused mind does not act.Your mind seeks clarity. Effective communication provides the clarity your mind seeks and that allows you to move forward, towards your desired outcome. If you are stopped or stuck in achieving your goals, chances are you’re confused about something and need clarity in order to take the next step.
  2. Allows You to Give Your Best:Human beings operate at their best when they feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Knowing what that is and describing it are key in creating enthusiasm. Effective communication harnesses the creative power of language to articulate a desired future that is inspirational and engaging.
  3. Create Great Relationships:Feeling connected is essential for human beings. The only way we have to connect with each other is through communication. A smile is communication. A wink is communication. A frown is communication. A sigh is communication. Words are communication. As we notice actions or hear words our minds interpretthem and add meaning. Understanding how this process works allows us to create shared meaning, increasing our ability to connect and to experience happiness.
  4. Getting the Help We Need: Positively influencing others is necessary for producing virtually any result. Few, if any results or goals are achieved on our own. Whether it’s successfully delegating a task to someone or making a request for support, effective communication is essential to getting others to do the things we need them to do in the way we need them done.
  5. Empower Yourself and Others:The point of view you bring to every communication speaks louder than what you are actually saying. Or as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” Our point of view shapes and influences everything we say and do. The first step to effective communication is to become aware of your point of view, question its validity and its impact on your life. Get curious about beliefs you have that are limiting your ability to produce the results you want. The communication you have with yourself greatly impacts the actions you take or don’t take. Being able to communicate effectively to yourself is critical to getting what you want. Gaining mastery in communication will give you access to a whole new world of possibility in getting what you want, doing so with ease and empowering others in the process.

About the Authors:

Lisa Giruzzi is a leading authority on communication and has spent more than 25 years helping people to be more successful through effective communication. Sandy Fowler is an expert on de-stressing your life with simple, practical strategies that let people find a way to create what they desire. Lisa and Sandy have combined their expertise to create a powerful program to help people get the results they want. They recently produced a FREE audio program on the “Three Biggest Communication Myths That are Keeping You From Getting What YOU Want” which is available at www.Your4Keys.com.